Project Management

We provide project management, engineering services and subject matter expertise to oil & gas industry with a focus on midstream and pipeline capital and maintenance projects. Coverage includes feasibility, pipeline routing, planning, front-end engineering design, detailed design, construction strategy development, and construction management. We also have extensive experience in CO2 capture and transportation.

We provide pipeline integrity management services including system retrofit, hydrotesting and direct assessment, pipeline rehabilitation, regulatory compliance support, and conversion to service.

Featured Projects:

Denbury  325-Mile 16-mtpa CO2 Pipeline and Facilities for Enhanced Oil Recovery 

  • Management of multi-year engineering, permitting, construction of 325-mile 24″ pipeline in TX/LA.
  • Management of 110-mile pipeline take-up and disposal with asbestos coating.
  • Terrain included swamp, farmland, urban, major rivers, and shallow water, >70 HDDs utilized.

Denbury  380MMcf/d 1-mtpa Gas Plant Retrofit for CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery 

  • Review of feasibility study of sour gas plant CO2 capture and processes from plant operator (ConocoPhillips).
  • Management of feasibility study of 18,000hp compressor station.
  • Front-end and detailed design of gas plant retrofit and compressor station.
  • Management of equipment procurement for flash drums, screw and reciprocating compressors, and auxiliary components.
  • Management of installation, inspection, and commissioning of facilities.


Southern Gas  Pipeline System Retrofit for In-Line Inspection 

  • Review of historical data to determine piggability in TN/GA.
  • Development of pipeline retrofit and flow interruption project plans.


Contracting Path

Construction and Contracting Strategy Planning for Canadian Natural Gas Pipeline 

  • Development and implementation of early contractor involvement strategy to optimize project budget, planning, and stakeholder consultation.
  • Highly technical mountain/rocky terrain and environmentally/culturally sensitive areas.


pembina  Project Engineering for Dual Condensate/Crude Pipelines   

  • Review of design basis for FEED study of pipelines in Northern Alberta.
  • Detailed design of route, material selection, hydraulics, bends, class location, and procurement support.


TransMontaigne  Pipeline Service Conversion Project Planning 

  • Development of regulatory compliance package for pipeline product change.
  • Project engineering for LPG to diesel/gasoline conversion.


Southcross  External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) Implementation 

  • ECDA pre-assessment including tool selection and historical data integration.
  • ECDA post-assessment including defect classification and reassessment interval.


tesoro  Pipeline System Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) Determination 

  • Review of design and operations data to establish MOP for 200-mile crude pipeline system of 6″ through 16″ in Rockies.
  • Construction of hydraulic and flow optimization models for various batch scenarios.