About Us

Kronos Management, LLC is a CFTC-registered alternative investment manager specializing in commodity trading. Kronos manages assets using liquid, exchange-traded futures and options in energy, metals, meats, and agricultural sectors.

Commodity Trading Advisor, NFA member 499079

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Principal: Jeff Lee

Contact: leejeff@engineer.com

 Investment Information

Fee = 2% management fee, 20% incentive fee

Minimum Account Size = Kronos discretion

Notional Funding = Yes, upon request

Performance Calculation = Turnkey Trading Partners

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Prospective investors should consider the risks before deciding to invest with Kronos Management, LLC (“Kronos”). The risk factors are not intended to include all possible risks of investing in futures products, nor are the summaries intended to provide complete descriptions of the risks that are included. There is a high degree of risk associated with trading futures, and any such investment should be made only after careful consideration of the associated risks. No person should consider trading more than they can comfortably afford to lose. There is no assurance that Kronos’ investments will be successful or that trading objectives will be attained. Prospective investors who would like more details about any risk factors should contact Kronos, and obtain a copy of the Disclosure Document.